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Aesthetic Thigh Surgery (Thigh Lift)

Aesthetic thigh surgery (thigh lift)

Aesthetic thigh surgery (thigh lift or thigh plasty) is performed to improve the appearance of thighs by reducing excess skin, subcutaneous excess fat on the inner aspect of the thigh.

Whom can be performed aesthetic thigh surgery?

Candidates of the thigh lift surgery should have realistic expectations and goals. In general, ideal candidates have loose skin in addition to excess soft fat tissue on the inner thigh areas. Also, patients with sagging thigh skin after excessive weight loss through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery are good candidates for the procedure too.

Which are the surgical procedures in thigh plasty?

After anesthesia, incisions are made on the inner aspect of the thigh so that the scars can be hidden. Drooping thigh skin is removed after tightening and reshaping the underlying tissues. Classical liposuction, laser lipolysis or VASER liposuction can be used to remove excess fat tissues under the skin.

What is the course after aesthetic thigh surgery?

Postoperative edema and bruising may occur on the upper leg. Compression garments should be worn all day for 4 weeks after surgery and then they can be only be worn during night for two months to reduce swelling and to support newly formed tissues.

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