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Aesthetic Arm Contouring Operations

Aesthetic Arm Contouring Operations

Aesthetic arm surgery or brachioplasty surgery is a surgical procedure that removes excess and overhanging tissues at the upper arm by effective remodeling of the arm from the elbow to the armpit area. In addition, liposuction or VASER liposuction can be performed to reduce and recontour the excess fat from the upper arm area.

Which methods are used in Brachioplasty?

In brachioplasty surgery, excess tissue of the upper arm is removed to provide a taut and proportionate appearance. If necessary, liposuction is combined with skin and soft tissue excision. An incision is made from the armpit to just above the elbow and excess skin and fat is removed. The incision is placed between the inside of the arm and the back to hide the postoperative scar.

Who are suitable candidates for brachioplasty?

The appropriate candidate may be men or women whose skin of the upper arm has lost elasticity and hangs.This condition can be due to skin that has lost its ability to redrape after excessive weight loss. Deep strias in the skin of the arm may occur. In addition, skin sagging in the arms without weight loss can also occur due to inheritance and aging. In general, suitable candidates are healthy individuals who do not have any medical condition that may impair recovery or increase the risk of surgery. Candidates should also have a positive point of view and realistic goals for aesthetic arm surgery.

How does the course develop after aesthetic arm surgery?

Positive results can be observed immediately, but early postoperative swelling and bruising may hide results. Compression garments are worn immediately after surgery to minimize tension in the arms and provide support.It is very important to raise the arms above the heart level to minimize swelling while lying or sitting.Home rest is recommended for five to seven days postoperatively.Arm movements are limited to 1-2 weeks to reduce edema.Most patients begin to perform mild physical activities within 2 – 3 weeks postoperatively.

How is wound healing in aesthetic arm surgery?

There may be risk of infection and bleeding. Skin numbness and loss of sensation may be observed. Such sensation problems recover with time. Minimizing postoperative sun exposure and using sunscreen will help prevent noticeable postoperative scars .The scars will continue to mature and heal during the first postoperative year.


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