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Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery Ankara

Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery Ankara

Saggy and swollen eyelids cause the whole face look old, sad and tired. In aesthetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty surgery, vitality is given to the eyes by removing sagging skin and fat from the eyelids. Excess fat tissue that creates swelling in the eyelid can be used to fill the tear trough. In addition, during eyelid aesthetic surgery, the eyelid ptosis is treated to correct visual field problems.

What should be considered before aesthetic eyelid surgery?

A general examination should be performed for the eyes. If the person who will have aesthetic eyelid surgery has dry eyes, after the operation, the distance between eyelids will increase, dry eye becomes more apparent. In this case, artificial tear drops can be used after operation. Eyelids swelling may occur due to liver, kidney and goiter diseases. Therefore, whole body should be investigated and examined thoroughly before surgery.

Will there be a scar on the eyelids, after aesthetic eyelid surgery?

The eyelids have the one of the thinnest skin of our body. Therefore properly placed incisions do not leave scar unless there is an unusual wound healing problem.

What kind of problems can be corrected with the aesthetic upper eyelid surgery?

The excess skin in the upper eyelid is removed. In addition, swelling due to fat tissue in the upper lids, disappears after surgery. The eyebrows can be lifted if desired during upper lid blepharoplasty operation. Even the vertical wrinkles, also called the teacher lines between the eyebrows, are corrected by interfering with the corrugator muscles that form them. Sometimes the upper eyelids sag toward the pupil. This condition is called upper eyelid ptosis. This problem can also be repaired during the upper eyelid aesthetics and the visual field can be enlarged.

Which problems are corrected with the lower eyelid aesthetic surgery?

Skin looseness and wrinkles on lower eyelids can be treated with lower eyelid aesthetic surgery. Excess fat tissue that creates swelling in the eyelid can be used to fill the tear trough. This excess adipose tissue displays us tired and old.

Are the level of the joints of the upper and lower eyelid (canthus) important in aesthetic eyelid surgery?

The relationship between the medial and lateral canthus of both eyelids and their relationship with each other is also aesthetically important. If the lateral canthus is higher than the medial canthus, it gives a more rested, young and attractive appearance, while the opposite can give a tired, old, unhappy expression. During the eyelid aesthetic operation, the lateral canthus of the eyelid can be elevated relative to the medial canthus.

What should be considered after aesthetic eyelid surgery?

The head should be moderately elevated until the sutures to control swelling around the eyelids. Sutures are usually removed 5 to 7 days after surgery. The first few days swelling and discomfort might occur around the eyelids. Ice application can be done carefully because excessive cooling may increase the swelling. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used. In the postoperative period, the eyelids should be protected from the sun. Sunglasses and sunscreen creams should be used.

Can aesthetic eyelid surgery be performed with other facial aesthetic operations?

Another facial aesthetic procedures as face lift, mid face lift, neck lift, eyebrow lifting, cheek and chin enlargement with fat grafting can be performed with aesthetic blepharoplasty.

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