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Aesthetic Cheek Surgery

Aesthetic Cheek Surgery

This operation  is done by removing the deep fat tissue (the buccal fat pad or Bichat’s fat pad) in the cheek. The purpose of  Bichectomy surgery is to thin the cheeks, especially below the cheekbones.

The buccal fat pad is located between the deep mimic muscles of the face. This adipose tissue may continue with deep fat tissues in other parts of the face.The size of the buccal fat pad varies depend on  the patient, and the buccal fat pad on each cheek can be of different sizes.

Bichectomy is especially suitable for people whose cheeks are very prominent but whose cheekbones are less prominent. Buccal fat pad removal surgery  (Bichectomy)  is not usually performed on people with thin, narrow faces.

How Is Bichectomy Performed?

This operation can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. An incision is made on the inside of the cheek  in bichectomy surgery and then the buccal fat pat is removed . The incisions in the mouth are closed with absorbable sutures. These sutures do not need to be removed. A visible scar is not observed. As a result, cheeks will be thinner and cheekbones will be more prominent.

Sometimes, the buccal fat pad can be removed during a facelift surgery.

A liquid diet is recommended for a few days after bichectomy, and e hot foods and drinks should be avoided.

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