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Aesthetic Jaw Surgery

Ankara Aesthetic Jaw Surgery

Aesthetic jaw surgeries usually involve enlargement of the chin. It helps improve the appearance of a weak jaw, provides a harmonious balance of facial features and provides a betterfacial profile. Chin augmentation can be temporary and permanent. Temporary ones are made with hyaluronic acid fillers and protect their volume until 1-1.5 years after procedure.Permanent chin augmentation is made by using autologous fat tissue or alloplastic implants.

The surgeon and the patient can decide together on which of these to choose for permanent augmentation. Asymmetries of the jaw are frequently encountered, and symmetry can be achieved with fat grafts.

Aesthetic chin procedures are usually performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty to achieve more satisfying facial proportions. Aesthetic chin procedures are as important as rhinoplasty to achieve a general balanced and pleasant appearance. Aesthetic chin operations can be performed together with other facial aesthetic surgeries.Aesthetic chin surgery provides a permanent, natural-looking solution for patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their jaws and the overall balance of facial features.

How are aesthetic chin surgeries performed?

If an alloplastic implant is used, it is inserted through a small incision in the natural skin fold under the chin. The implant is placed on the surface of the bone. Some surgeons use an intraoral incision, but it may lead intraoral bacterial contamination over the implant.

Chin augmentation is usually performed with the fat tissue taken from the abdomen. The fat graft is injected as desired to various levels without making an incision on the skin of the chin.Fat tissue can be stored under suitable conditions and re-administered if necessary.

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