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Aesthetic Eyebrow Surgeries (Brow Lift)

Aesthetic Eyebrow Surgeries (Brow Lift)

Eyebrow lift surgery is a surgical procedure that gives a younger and refreshed appearance to the areas above and lateral sides the eyes. It improves the sagging skin and crow’s feet lines on the side of the eyes, while lifting especially the sides of the eyebrows. If eyebrow lift is performed together with blepharoplasty, it increases the success of eyelid surgeries. If there is sagging in the eyebrows and only upper eyelid aesthetics will not be sufficient. A similar situation can be observed in face lift surgeries. In a case where eyebrows  droop, the upper part of the face will still look tired if facelift is performed. In cases where eyebrows sag, adding brow lift  to facelift and /or blepharoplasty operations gives better aesthetic results.

Who is brow lift surgery applied to?

Good health and realistic expectations are a prerequisite, as with all surgical procedures. Eyebrow lift operation can be performed on healthy people of all ages with low eyebrows due to gravity or muscle activity .

Surgery and Anesthesia

Aesthetic eyebrow surgeries can be performed in the operating room under general or local anesthesia. The incisions made on the scalp and / or forehead are used for eyebrow lifting. However, if eyebrow lift is performed in conjunction with upper eyelid plastic surgery, the eyebrow lift can be performed without any additional incisions.

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