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Aesthetic Ear Surgery

Aesthetic Ear Surgery Ankara

Aesthetic ear surgery can also be called otoplasty.It is usuallyperformed to treat prominent ear deformity. Inaddition,deformities like Stahl’s ear, ,(also calledSpock’s ear) and crypto ear aretreated with otoplasty operation. Size of the large ears (macro ears) can also be reduced with otoplasty.

When should otoplasty be performed?

Otoplasty is recommended in childhood, before the development of self-awareness. Unfortunately, the world of children is more brutal than that of adults. Other children who are looking for defects in their friends with curious eyes canfind prominent ears even under elongated hair and mock them. This mightsignificantly reduce the school or out-of-school success of the child having the deformity.
Physically, the growth of the ear is expected to be completed. Unlike other parts of the face, the ear completes its growth at an early age, usually at around the age of 5-6.

Should otoplasty be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia?

Local anesthesia is preferred in adults.It can be very beneficial as it enables the surgeon to take feedbacks from the patient. The surgeon can show the early result to the patient and get approval before closing the skin. However, children usually can not tolerate local anesthesia, therefore, otoplasty should be performed under general anesthesia in children.

Can the Prominent Ear Problem be solved completely using a single suture?

Treatment attempts using a single suture for prominent ear deformity may alleviate the problem in very limited cases but mightnot be able to correct all aesthetic problems. Since this suture is placed in the middle part of the ear, the aesthetic problems on the upper part of the auricle and the earlobe cannot be solved. In addition, problems related to the size of the concha cartilage in the middle part of the ear cannot be treated witha single suture.Alook similar to that handset of old phones usually occurs. It is called earphone deformity.

How is the care process after an otoplasty surgery?

Usually, the patient is discharged on the same day after surgery.On the next day, dressing is being changedand the ear is checked. Otoplasty compression band is used continuously for the first week. It is used for protection at night for 3 months after a week.

Is there any visible scar after Aesthetic Ear Surgery?

If the back side of the auricula is preferred for the incision and the incision site is placed at the junction of the auricula and the mastoid bone, then no visible scar remains.

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